Conventional Thinking may be Irrelevant

Pete Squibb and I have been fishing Snook on the beaches in Florida and our outfit are pretty similar. Winston Boron MXII  8-weight Rods intermediate sinking lines lines and similar flies.  BUT, THERE WAS ONE BIG DIFFERENCE.  Pete’s leader was10 feet long and mine was 5 to 6-feet in.  I immediately  informed Pete of this error and that he we full of s……. if he thought this rig would work.  He need to shorten his leader so that the sinking lie can do its  job properly.

Pete, informed me that a long leader helped keep the fly moving and above the bottom while stripping fly line through the feeding lanes.  In addition it helped with a strip/lift strikes when the fish gently sucked in a fly.

“This is complete hogwash and would only appeal to a pinhead”, I said.  “You need to get with the program and do it the way everyone else does. Pete’s retort was “My Squibbster flies are designed with some degree of buoyancy and I want them to be a foot or so off the bottom while stripping them in.”  He’s had lost whatever logic and reason had  accumulated over the years due to early retirement and an overdose of Florida sun.

As Pete got one good hookup after another I thought to myself, it’s the retrieve, maybe the tippet size, perhaps the fly, possibly his choice of locations or angle of retrieve,   It can’t be the the improperly sized leader.  During the lunch break I tied up a 10 foot leader and said nothing.  My afternoon fishing was considerably better.  Actually, way better!

I told him later what I had done and admitted his theory seem to have some merit.  He accepted the praise with an irritating smile and a wink which translated into “Told you so dumb s….,”