CTU Gala/Auction ~ March 19, 2010

This event contributes a significant part of the funding needs for our cold water fisheries Throughout the Rocky Mountain West, the challenges facing trout streams continue to grow. New water projects are being proposed that could dry up flows on some of our most treasured trout streams. Watersheds on our public lands face threats from widespread logging, road building and energy development. Through it all, growth continues to put more pressure on streams and create more need for on-the-ground habitat and projects. Trout can’t fight for themselves; they need your help to survive. And that’s what Trout Unlimited is all about – working on behalf of anglers to protect fisheries.

How can you help? Consider making a contribution to to the Auction by clicking on the link below.

CTU’s annual gala, the largest fishing-oriented auction in Colorado, will be held in the Denver area on March 19. We are looking to raise more than $40,000, and all proceeds will be dedicated to trout conservation efforts – protecting instream flows, improving habitat, preserving water quality.

Auction Up!

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Now you can support CTU when you bid on – or buy – items on eBay, courtesy of the eBay Giving Works program. Its so easy an angler can do it!

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