Current Stream Reports Now Live!


Spring has begun and the fishing is picking up. New stream reports are coming out quickly. Make sure to check out our stream reports page on the site to get up to date tips on where to fish and what the fish are eating. This week check out Clear Creek or Boulder Creek, both are fishing well with only small amounts of ice coverage. Big T is still not quite there, the low gin clear flows make for extremely spooky fish. Check back in a few weeks as once the flows bump the fishing will pick up. Blue river is a good option as well if your able to make the commute up to summit county.

Clear Creek Fishing Report: https://frontrangeanglers.com/boulder-colorado-fly-fishing-reports/clear-creek/

Boulder Creek Fishing Report: https://frontrangeanglers.com/boulder-colorado-fly-fishing-reports/boulder-creek-fishing-report/

Blue River Fishing Report: https://frontrangeanglers.com/boulder-colorado-fly-fishing-reports/blue-river/

Big Thompson Fishing Report: https://frontrangeanglers.com/boulder-colorado-fly-fishing-reports/big-thompson-river/