Cutthroat Candy … a must have pattern

I can’t take credit credit for it.  This fly was developed by a good friend, Larry Jurgens.  Why is it a great pattern?  It’s super easy to tie, floats like a cork, can be easily seen, and catches a lot of fish.  The original body shade is pictured above but I’ll tie it in a variety of colors including tan, olive and black.  There are numerous modification you can make to the recipe and they all work great.

Hook: Standard dry fly hook size 12 to 18
Thread: UTC 70 – start with red at the but and change over to a thread that matches body color
Tail: Optional – lemon woodduck flank is pictured above
Body: Color to match wing – my preference is a synthetic or natural material with a little flash from ice dub or antron.
Wing: Polypro – color to suit.  Note how the front part of the wing is trimmed
Hackle:  Grizzly saddle hackle with two or three turns in front of the wing.  A great alternative is cdc fibers placed in a dubbing loop and applied the same as the saddle hackle.  A big advantage of the later approach is the fly never needs any floating since both cdc and polypro float naturally.

I’ve caught fish everywhere I have used this fly!