Czech Nymph Class = Success!

Front Range Anglers put on its first Czech Nymph class this past weekend at Sylvandale Guest Ranch and we had a blast doing it! Rob Kolanda of Hardy/Greys and a member of Team USA Fly Fishing was there to share his passion of Euro nymphing and even gave up a few of his secrets.

In the morning we sat down and started with a talk about the differences between all the different styles of European Nymphing and when is the best time to use these very different techniques. After learning leader construction and fly selection the group got a stream-side education in how to swim fly through a run with great results.

John with a healthy rainbow plucked out of a small bucket in this run.

The spring is a really great time of year to be fishing up on the Big T, flows are nice and low allowing for great wading and there are bugs that are crawling around every riffle. The hatch did not really come off even though conditions looked perfect for the Blue Wings, but we were there to nymph anyways. Even Gary, who is a die hard dry fly only angler was not upset that we did not see any heads feeding, he was busy catching fish on nymphs. That is the beauty of Euro nymphing it is simply fun to do. Rather than Throwing a bobber out into a run anglers are fully connected to their flies. Visualizing where the flies are in the water column and then swimming the tandem pair of flies through the current. All of the class caught fish, and rather quickly I might add. The addition of longer rods in the 10ft and 11ft catagory were used to aid in line control as well as serving as extra reach. Although not critical, these rods make life much easier for these techniques. The group covered almost all of the Ranch River section pulling out a variety of wild Rainbows and Browns on caddis and mayfly imitations.

Rob and I would like to thank everyone who signed up for the class we had just as much fun as you did out there. For those who did not attend, we would encourage you to come into the shop and let us know if you have any questions about these euro techniques. It is a blast to learn and even more fun when you are out on the river.

Guy with a wild rainbow that engulfed an “active” beatis nymph.

Thanks Again,