Diamond Lake Midge Adult

In this video, Shop Specialist Rob Kolanda ties an effective midge adult for fishing lakes. You can tie this in smaller sizes and different colors to match river midges as well.

Hook: Tiemco 103 BL https://bit.ly/3bgRXY5
Thread: Veevus https://bit.ly/3dmQwZK
Tail: CDC and Teal https://bit.ly/2zewVMt
Over Body 1: CDC https://bit.ly/2zewVMt
Over Body 2: Poly Yarn https://bit.ly/2yrAZJy
Body: Trout Hunter Dubbing https://bit.ly/35CmSgz
Rib: Microlon https://bit.ly/3cf0snX
Thorax: CDC https://bit.ly/2zewVMt