Did You Miss the 12/11/2010 Clinic … Too Bad!

Ken Iwamasa talked in detail about…
–Why midge fishing has become of paramount importance to trout fishermen across the country … this is especially true in Colorado
–How fish actually feed on these insects and where in the water column you should be concentrating
–What the real window of opportunity for fish is and how fishermen can take advantage of it
–Fly design characteristics that trigger a strike
–How best to approach feeding fish
–Sizes. colors, hooks, and material choices
–How to prepare your flies prior to fishing to enhance presentations
–A specific fly to use on the Colorado River that produces 365 days a year.
–Rigging techniques that work wonders for on or just under the surface
–How to significantly improve hookup success

Here is a video of one of Ken’s primary midge patterns that he has been fishing since the 1980’s