Don’t Forget Thingamabody Flies

The Thingamabody™ is incredibly buoyant and waterproof. It is easy to tie traditional patterns with unbelievable color versatility and yummy looking color translucence.

  • No floatant required
  • Exceptional durability
  • Water-proof
  • Amazing versatility: Use with traditional tying methods, attach legs, wings, hackle, etc.
  • Available in several different colors and sizes.

In the spring of this year we did a special clinic on how to tie tie and use these new products from WestWater.  A couple of points are worth repeating. 
1.  Consider using mono thread to secure the body to the shank of the hook
2.  Use 2X heavy hooks like the TMC 3671 (the above tie is a small body on a TMC 3761)
3.  Coat the under body with a small amount of Loon Knot Sense or Clear Cure Goo.
4.  Tie in the legs with UTC 70 and at the tie in point – front and back.
5.  Tie in an indicator of some type – above is McFlyfoam in florescent flame
6.  Consider wrapping the shank with midge diamond braid for extra flash prior to tying on the body.

These flies work wonders on Boulder Creek, Big T, Saint Vrain, and so on.  Best of all they can support heavy dropper flies.