DOW-PARKS Merger Should be of Major Concern to Fishermen

Governor Hickenlooper and the Department of Natural Resources recently proposed a merger of two agencies, Colorado Division of Wildlife and Colorado State Parks, in the interests of promoting efficiency in government.  The bill to create this merger, would combine the agencies now – and set up a process to work out the details later.

Analysis of costs for completing a major reorganization?  That is a detail to be worked out later.  How to preserve the important – but distinct – missions of these two agencies?  A detail to be worked out later.  How much savings could actually be realized – and how does that compare to the costs of reorganization?  A detail to be worked out later.  The fact that this was done from 1963 to 1972 and failed to deliver any of the promised outcomes is to be ignored.

Does anyone actually believe that the management strategies, expertise, culture, and objectives of these organization are the same?  Are your license fees and millions in federal wildlife grants going to be redirected?  You can bet on it!

If your not concerned, you ought to be because it will have a direct impact on you.