Dream Stream — Continues to Produce

The fun is not over yet. We have been getting daily reports of big fish moving into the river. As of this weekend there has been a reduction in the number of males being caught, but there are some big females in the water still. What has changed in the last week or so is the number of Kokanee’s in the river, they have started to run hard. What that means for anglers is big lake rainbows following up the salmon chowing down on eggs, if you can find a pod of Kok’s slide back a few feet and you will hook into some big healthy rainbows.

The run is not over yet so pack your things and get up there early because we have been seeing the most action right off the bat, the first few hours of light, then things slow down a bit, but it has been turning back on around two or three.

Try drifting leeches, eggs, worms, and when things get techy midge and bwo patterns. Remember everyone is trying to have fun and catch fish so leave your tough guy attitude behind. There will always be some one in your favorite hole and the river is going to be crowded no matter what, but there are a lot of fish and a lot of bends that hold fish.
Have fun were all fisherman out there. Get out and slam some hogs!