Dream Stream Report – 10-13-11

Sunrise over 11 Mile, by the time we got to the upper parking lot, there were about 5 spaces left.

Here is the report on the Dream. The fish are in, but so are the crowds. Getting there early means before dark and dont think that will get you very far. People become crazed and will walk up to your fishing spot and start pounding it upstream, downstream, and across the river from you. The fall run makes the fish crazy as well as every front range angler who visits there.

Thank You Landen! Now everyone can harass spawners.
Count it, thats 6 in the trestle, and another 5 down below the bend….wow.

That being said, there are fish in there. Trophy browns and rainbows are eating eggs (apricot, chartreuse), worms (pink and red), copper johns (green, copper, chartreuse) sz 18-12, and a variety of small beatis patterns.

Either get there before sunrise or plan on covering some water in search of fish. They are spread out, but they are really concentrated from the bridge up to the damn. Dont be afraid to walk and fish where you feel fish should be sitting. Often times you can not rely solely on sight casting to fish on their beds! There are a number of large lake run rainbows that come up to get their spawn on in the fall. Stocked fish have issues, and will load up with eggs and spawn in the fall as well. These fish are hot and heavy.

FRA Guide Andy Zenter, in the process of landing a nice Snake River Cutt.

I feel bad for the fish in this river as well as the river its self. Never have I seen it so busy and people so frantic to catch a fish. These fish are spooked, scarred up and I even saw a dead male that was in the 25in class. Keep in mind that other rivers in this state experience the same “run of fish” out of reservoirs. Many times they are empty, and the fish have not been snagged multiple times.

Regardless, it was fun and we caught enough fish to keep us happy all day long.