Early Season Float

Yesterday I got out with Field & Stream Blogger Tim Romano and we did a little early season float. The weather was warm, the flows were insanely low and the fishing was marginal. About the time that we started to dial in things and the fishing picked up a bit, BAM! The river blows out, and quickly in a matter of about 400 yards. All it took was three small feeder creeks to run into the river and the visibility dropped to about 2 inches or less. With a cooler full of beer and a grip of rods, we rotated through flies, rigs, and rods and managed to land a few more. In the mud I found that black and white big gaudy streamers on the bottom were the ticket to getting fish to notice flies. Even a blind squirrel will find a nut now and again, right?

See the full slide show on the Field and Stream Blog. (photo by Tim Romano)

On a separate note, Tim brought along his new St Criox Bank Robber for throwing streamers, little did we know how handy this rod would be in the off color water. I have to say for a $400 rod, Kelly Gallop really hit it out of the park. A soft tip and a super stout butt section make this rod perfect for streamers out of the boat. Hit an inch off the bank every time whether you are 5 feet away or 30.

I wish it was summer now.