European Nymphing ….strong emphasis by FRA in 2012

As we move into the early part of the 2012 season Front Range Anglers will be in a position to offer customers the largest assortment of European Nymphing materials and equipment in Colorado.  Here is a sampling of what is available just in the materials area.

Hanek/Umpqua Hooks
Special Purpose TMC Hooks
Dohiku & Skalka Hooks
Sybai Body Stretch, Flat Body Glass, Braidback, & Fine Flash Dubbing
Hends Shellback & Body Quills
Mickievicz Dubbing
Polish Stripped Peacock Quills
Square and Flat Lead Wire
Synthetic Ice Quill Body
Jan Siman Fine Synthetic Czech Dubbing
Specialized slotted tungsten Beads for jig hooks
Synthetic Ice Quills
Czech Nymph Body Dubbing
Flexi Body
Vibrant UV Micro Straggle
Siliconized Polypropylene Yarn
and more………….

We not only have the materials to get you set up right, we have the on-staff resources that understand  the “how to.”