Fall Fishing on the Big T Remains Strong … stop watching football and go fishing

Last Friday I drove up to the Big Thompson despite the fact that it was windy in Boulder.  By the time I arrived in Estes Park it was gusting a 30+ mph.  I rigged up and on the first cast by nymphing rig was blown directly back in my face.  From there things went downhill.  I lasted about 45 minutes and threw in the towel.

Today was a different story.  It was a calm sunny day at around 55 degrees…perfect.  I arrived about 11:00 am and the fish were steadily rising to midges.  The pattern was not as important as the size.  I fished a size 22 Griffiths Gnat with black thread midge with a gray cdc puff in size 24 as the trailer
went downhill.  The majority of the trout took the Gnat.  The fly I was using was similar to the fly illustrated above but the body was bright green metallic thread (type you buy at a place like Michaels or in a knitting store) and the hackle was a standard grizzly.

Despite the fact that the fish were rising in the slower runs, most of the anglers I ran into were throwing nymphs.

I fished for 4 hours and took over a dozen and half nice fish.