Fall Streamer Fishing on the Colorado River

The mighty Colorado river.

Its time to get out the six weight or even the seven weight and start the hunt for redd October. No I dont mean bed robbing, I mean hunting for trophy browns with big streamers.

The Colorado river is one of the best places to go out streamer fishing for the day. If you can get access to a boat great! For most people a boat is out of the question, and walk wading is an even better way to get a shot at every fish in a pool or riffle.

A healthy Colorado River Brown Trout.

Throwing big double streamer rigs and using flies like the Autumn Splender, Orange Blossom Special, Scupzilla, Bellyache Minnow, Slumpbuster will make you smile as they slap into the water and come alive. Make sure to put them on heavy tippet, like 12 pound floro to avoid loosing too many in a day.

Look for any features near the shore, a submerged rock, a slight riffle, a change in depth, a confluence of currents, really any change. These slight variances are what hold fish in the Colorado, even in what people consider the “froggy water”. Throw your flies in there and swim them 90 degrees from the bank, either away or into the shore. Keep your eyes peeled as many times the take is not felt, but witnessed.

There should be fish everywhere in this feature.

Any overcast weather is your friend and will aid you in your quest to catch the biggest fish that the Colorado has to offer. There is really no bad stretch of river on the Colorado so pick one and start making your flies swim.

Most of all enjoy what is hands down, the best take in all of fly fishing.