The Marc Petitjean Magic Head

According to the promotional materials, the new Marc Petitjean Magic Heads will "change the way you fish and change the way fish react to your flies. With the magic head in the back position it allows you to fish your pattern with the normal up and down streamer head action, but by flipping the head forward, it will give your pattern a side-to-side lifelike fish catching action that you won't believe until you see it."

So do they work? Absolutely! I watched Danny Smith fish a streamer pattern some weeks ago and the action imparted by these heads is amazing.
I asked Dennis Collier, one of the best streamer fishermen and fly tiers I know, to put together a pattern for Pike using the round version of the Magic head.

The Magic Heads come in several sizes and two distinct shapes. Round to use with bar-bell type eyes or wider heads, and oval (not currently available) to for 3-D eyes or narrower heads. They are very difficult to keep in stock. If you're interested give Brian Schmidt, Fly Tying manager a call (303-494-1375) or send us an email.