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August 2006

Retired doctor Bill Marx, who traded in his stethoscope for a fly rod, is shown with a beautiful wild rainbow caught on the Horsefly River in British Columbia this summer.  The fish took a size-10 orange Stimulator.

Hello all,

This month's lucky quiz winner is Bob Hunter. We were looking for which state outlaws fishing from horseback, and we accepted Utah, Colorado and Washington D.C. Bob gets a Redington Topwater Fishing shirt.

Hold on to your hats everybody -- the monthly Front Range Anglers Quiz is going to be kicked up a notch in the coming months. The winner of this month's contest will take home a brand new TFO Finesse fly rod! Click here for more information about the rod, and to enter your response.

Many customers, both local and out of state, have asked us over the years for help in selling their used gear. We've come up with a solution: Front Range Anglers 4 Sale. This is a bulletin board style forum where people can post their items and make contacts to sell their stuff. It's free and it's ready to go. Click here or see below for more information.

We're in the process of getting another date for Elk Trout in October. The date and signup will be in next month's newsletter.

Hope to see you,


Solution for Used Equipment: We been asked more than once: “Can you help me sell this gear?”  We are now in a position to do just that and we hope you will take advantage of this free service. 

Middle Boulder Creek Cleanup: Boulder Flycasters has announced that September 16, 2006 will be the date for the annual cleanup of Middle Boulder Creek

Single Handed Spey Casting: We’re pretty sure that we are the first in Colorado to offer a class on how to spey cast with a single handed fly rod.  Do you fish in areas where there is no room for a back cast?  If the answer is no, you must not fish very often! Clinic date: 9-30-06

Spey Casting Clinic: A long time friend and expert instructor, Dan Wright, is offering a 2006 Spey Casting Program that may be a perfect fit for you. Clinic date: August 12-13.

Intro to Insects for the Fly Fisherman: Front Range Anglers is partnering with the Butterfly Pavilion to bring back this popular class in September. Space is limited, sign up now. Clinic date: September 23.



August Fly of the Month: The Pale Morning Dun Emerger from long time fly fisherman, Eric Peper. For those of you that don’t recognize the name, he was a columnist for Field & Stream in the 1970’s.  This was at the same time that some of the greats – Marinaro, Brooks, etc. - were contributing writers.

New Patterns for Carp and Trout: Paul Prentiss is always creating new fly patterns.  Here are several that he has been working on recently.

Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio: We are pleased to announce a special relationship with an organization that offers a unique service for serious fly fishermen.

Knot Sense: Fumble Fingers has figured out that a granny knot is not the best way to make leader connections.

Slim Beauty: Need a fast and totally reliable knot for connecting bite tippets?  This is the answer.

Stillwater Trout: Sometimes fly fishermen get so focused on moving water they forget the joys of stillwater.

Mile High Carpin' Adventures: Mike Grose shares his experiences carp fishing in the Rocky Mountains.

Fisherman's Notes: Here are a few pictures and stories recently received from our readers. Click here to submit yours!

View from the Past: We thought it might be fun to look back in time at what was considered state of the art fly fishing.  Do you remember Phillipson Rods?

Day Off: The staff at Front Range Anglers spends every working day talking about, making arrangements for, promoting, and selling fly fishing.  When they have a day off, how do they relax?

Quote of the Day: "To achieve mastery in fly fishing is to rise above the need to catch fish"
- Howell Raines, author of Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis

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