TFO Finesse – a small stream rod that hits the mark

The first time I inspected and cast the TFO Finesse rod was at the 2005 Retail Fly Fishing Show.  I was most impressed and I ordered a 7-foot 3-inch model for a 2-weight.

This is truly a sweet rod for small stream fishing.  It’s is not a “fast action” stick but it can lay out plenty of line with ease.  For $179.95, it's a great bargain and Front Range Anglers is selling a huge number of them.  It has a dark olive finish with nicely done wrappings with a rosewood insert on an up locking reel seat.  Simply put, it looks great!

Here’s a nice brookie taken from Boulder Creek on the TFO

Model Line Length Pieces Description Price
TF 02 73 4 F 2 Wt. 7'-3" 4 Pc. IM6 Graphite¹ $179.95
TF 03 79 4 F 3 Wt. 7'-9" 4 Pc. IM6 Graphite¹ $179.95
TF 04 79 4 F 4 Wt. 7'-9" 4 Pc. IM6 Graphite¹ $179.95
TF 04 89 4 F 4 Wt. 8'-9" 4 Pc. IM6 Graphite¹ $179.95
TF 05 79 4 F 5 Wt. 7'-9" 4 Pc. IM6 Graphite¹ $179.95
TF 05 89 4 F 5 Wt. 8'-9" 4 Pc. IM6 Graphite¹ $179.95


In the year 1285, Edward I of England specified penalties for salmon poaching -- fishing out of season or without permission in private waters -- that escalated for repeat offenses. What is the penalty for a first time offender?:

a. a year in the dungeon
b. having their fishing gear confiscated
c. 3 months in jail
d. cutting off their left hand (if they were left-hand retrieve)

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