The Double Haul for Distance- Part 1
Bill Leuchten

The last 4 casting lessons I've given to intermediate level fly casters have addressed the execution of the haul in order to fish bigger water and/or saltwater.

First off, what does the haul do? Well, we all know that our goal for achieving distance is to try to make the rod flex as much as possible. The more you flex the rod, the greater the tip speed when it straightens. When you perform a haul you force a deeper flex into the rod and when the rod straightens, it does so with vigor. Getting the left hand in position to haul is an area I would check on your cast.


The position seen here is wrong. If our hands are separated when we've completed the back cast, we will not be in a position to haul any line during our forward cast. in this picture, my left hand has nowhere to go to haul.


This is what we're looking for. Here the hands are together. The left hand is in good position to haul the line across my body.


Let 'er rip. The left hand was poised for a nice long haul as seen here.