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December 2005

Hello all,

If you're as busy as we are this time of year, you'll barely even have time to read this. Our holiday season has been excellent so far, thanks in large part to your support, and we truly appreciate it. Before I got into the retail business, I spent a lot more time looking like that guy pictured to the left, but there is a lot of satisfaction in working hard and having our operation thrive.

I hope we've been able to meet your expectations over the last year, and if there's anything you think we need to "go after" more aggressively, please don't hesitate to drop me an email and let us know.

Hope to see you,

Up Boulder Creek: Front Range Anglers' own comic strip.

Front Range Anglers Holiday Gift Guide: Here's a quick look at some of the most popular products for the season's gifts.

The Case for Competitive Fly Fishing: In June of 2006 a group of contestants from all over the United States will come to Boulder, CO to compete in the National Fly Fishing Championship & Conservation Symposium hosted by Colorado Trout Unlimited. Their motivation is an opportunity to be selected for Team USA who will be competing in the World Championships in Portugal. The positive opportunities for the sport of fly fishing and the conservation mission of CTU are significant.

Fly Fishing on the Cutting Edge: "In seconds the shark had unspooled the fly line, then ripped backing off the reel so fast the powder residue on the gel-spun material looked like yellow smoke piping through the line guides" -- Kirk Deeter


December Fly of the Month: If you like to fish small midges Brian Schmidt's AM-24 will be right up your alley.

A Good Hare Day: How much do you know about using snowshoe rabbit feet for tying flies?

Vladi's Woven Polish Nymphs: Here are some instructions from Jay Buchner on tying woven bodied polish nymphs.


A Fly Fisherman's Christmas: In an act of pure generosity a fly fisherman compiles his gift order from the pages of a catalog to save his spouse the headache of holiday shopping.

A Small Price for Successful Fishing Trips: It’s an inexpensive accessory item that most fly fishermen don't carry with them, but it can make a big difference in your success.

Fishing Streamers: Take a look at a new pattern being offered by Solitude Fly Company plus a few pointers of fishing streamers

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