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December, 2003

2003 was, and remains, an outstanding year for fishing. We continue to get reports of very good fishing around the region. 2003 also marks a very successful transition year for Front Range Anglers. We remolded the shop, placed our business on-line, added new experienced staff, implemented a year-round guiding & destination service, created the best real-time data center in the Rocky Mountain region, and initialized a new direction and emphasis on instructional activities. That's quite a load, but thanks to our staff and customers it was very well received.

Guess what? We're just getting started. We will be kicking off 2004 with exclusive programs from two of the biggest and most respected individuals in Fly Fishing. Mike Lawson will be jointing us on January 8th, and Jack Dennis will be here on January 26, 2004. More information on these special programs will be available in the coming weeks. We'll be an exhibitor at the upcoming Fly Fishing Show at the Merchandise Mart on January 9, 2004. Among other things, we'll be offering packaged fishing adventures to Chile. And more is on the way!

Our staff has selected a series of gift suggestions for the Holidays that we've included in this newsletter, which you can access by clicking the button above. If you're not sure about what to get, take a look at these possibilities or better yet give us a call. I guarantee you'll get the best customer service.

Thanks for your business & Happy Holidays --

Bill Leuchten


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