Small Price for Successful Fishing Trips

Most fishermen realize the importance of water temperature on fish and insects. There are numerous charts that detail the optimum ranges. Strangely, few fishermen bother to carry a thermometer. On a recent fishing trip I asked 5 experienced anglers if they had one. The answer was no. Then I asked if they would each guess the water temperature. None of them came within 5 degrees of the correct answer.

Over the years I've owned lots of thermometers but they never last. Last year I found one that can stand up to the kind of abuse I dish out - the Fishpond Swift Current. It's a laboratory-grade unit protected by aluminum case. It provides accurate water temperature readings (20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit) under a variety of salt and freshwater fishing conditions. It can easily be attach to a D-ring so it goes with you everywhere. At $18.00 it's not the least expensive unit you can buy but it's outlasted every product I've tried.