Fishing Shirts
Bill Leuchten
I've always been a flannel shirt wearing guy as opposed to a technical fishing shirt wearing guy. Flannel shirts can be worn any time, not just for fishing, so they get a lot of use. But lately I've been wearing a lot more fishing shirts, and I'm discovering that they really do make your time on the water much more enjoyable.

The quick drying aspect of these shirts is certainly a benefit. On a recent Snook fishing expedition in Tampa Bay I was splashed thoroughly when a wave crashed over the bow of the boat I was riding in. I was impressed at how quickly the shirt dried out. Sticking your hands in the water is inevitable when pursuing our sport and the quick drying property of a fishing shirt definitely comes in handy. As you are probably aware, these shirts are generally a mix of cotton and nylon which means they are engineered to wick moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.
Large roomy pockets, which are found in the typical technical fishing shirt, cut down on having to find last minute spots for random items. A vest or pack is usually the spot for major items, but I'm always stuffing things I need for the trip into the shirt pockets. Front Range Anglers offers shirts from Aqua Design that have segmented pockets so finding even small items is easy. You only really notice the importance of good pockets when you find yourself fishing in a shirt without them!

Aqua Design Camouflage Shirt

UV protection is another clear benefit of a technical shirt. I think there can never be enough said about the effects of UV. Whether you feel the rays or not, they are coming through your garments, and after a while your skin will definitely suffer. There is no better preventive measure you can take than to have a UV rated shirt.

Finally, the best improvement in fishing shirts is their ability to be worn on any occasion and not make you feel like you just got off the water. Many of the new fishing shirts available are cool, comfortable, stylish, and wrinkle free. The Aqua Design shirt I mentioned has a really unique feature. They are designed with a custom print which looks like the surface of the water viewed from underneath. The theory is that these shirts act as camouflage for the fisherman, so that the fish looking up toward the surface won't spot them. Anyone who has ever stalked a spooky fish while wearing a bright colored shirt would welcome this idea!

We recently added a great line of super value shirts ($29.95) from Redington (Sage). These shirts would make a great gift for a family member or fishing buddy.