Fischer's Fisher….the best vest ever!

by Paul Prentiss

You see ads for products that incorporate the words "professional", "master", "guide", "expert" and the like. The obvious objective is to convince a buyer that the merchandise in question is durable and functional. Something that "professionals" use because it's simply the best value for the performance delivered.

Front Range Anglers has added a very special and unique product that meets whatever criteria you want to associate with the word "professional". But more than that, it's something you cannot buy in any other Colorado fly shop or from any large mail order supplier. It's the Dennis Fisher Belt Vest -- a custom & hand made item designed by and specifically for professional guides.

The product came to my attention several years ago. The minute I saw it I wanted one. Twelve months later I met Dennis Fisher at the Fly Fishing Show in Denver and placed my order.

These vests were developed for working river guides - a trade that Dennis has pursued for many years in Montana. Thes folks have to respond quickly to tangled leaders, have to jump in and out of boats, face bad weather - hot, cold, or wet, and deal with long days where fatigue or back problems are inevitable.

There is simply nothing like this product anywhere!
To start with it's constructed from 1000 denier cordura with 2" & 3" polypropylene webbing, tough coil zippers, and heavy snap release buckles. I think you could use it to tow a vehicle out of a ditch.
A few of the features include:

-Tippet spool pockets for 6 spools of material - unlike many, these work

-Fly box pockets on both sides with left & right side pockets for accessories, D-rings

-Net holder and detachable water bottle.

-Zippered pocket in the back.
The vests are made to size with extra room for heavy clothing. Dennis will individually customize the vest in accordance with your needs. The base model sells for $135.00 - a great bargain.

Depending on the situation I'll wear mine as a basic unit, with a detachable fanny pack, with a hydration pack, small chest pack additional easy access storage, or a day pack. The flexibility is terrific. There are a lot of great vests that are commercially made and we carry most of them. However, If you want something really special take a close look at this product

Click here to see some detail in a pdf format.