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July 2004

Hello all:

We've organized another bargain trip to one of our private waters on the South Platte. We've got a special trip arranged for Crystal Lake on 7/31/04. There will be 2 guides serving just 5 anglers! A great trip if you're just a beginner trying to learn the ropes from one of our professional guides, or an experienced angler wanting a chance to roam the 2.5 miles of the South Platte on your own, all in prime time mid-summer! $160 per person all inclusive. Click here to register and pay online. Act now, only 5 spots are available.

I'd enjoy hearing from you regarding our fishing report for the Daily Camera on Thursdays. Let us know what you think: good info, not detailed enough, etc.? I'm also always interested in what you want to hear about in this newsletter! Your feedback is appreciated; just click on the link below to use our feedback form.

Have a great 4th of July!


Crooked Island, Bahamas: Last month Bill Leuchten went to the Bahamas to check out a little known fly fishing destination on Crooked Island. Read about it, and see if you want to join us on the next trip!
Vanilla Ice Bugger: Dennis Collier, one of the best streamer fisherman along Colorado's Front Range, developed the Vanilla Ice Bugger several years ago. It is a terrific pattern that works everywhere.


The 16-20 Loop: The 16-20 Loop is a knot that is stronger than the improved cinch knot or the Duncan Loop for tying on your flies. Here are the step-by-step instructions.

Connections: Why and how to use nothing but loops for all your connection needs – it’s fast, strong, and easy.

The Czech or Polish Technique: You may or may not have heard of this technique, but the American Fly Fishing Team certainly has -- because they have been trounced by its practioners on more than one occasion.


Stream Etiquette: This subject is worth bringing up as we move into the summer. It's truly amazing how many new and long-time anglers have limited knowledge about these basic rules of conduct.

Treatyse of Fysshynge with an Angle: Here is the last of the six installments from Dame Juliana Berner's epic work on fly fishing written in the 1400's.


The Boga Grip: The BogaGrip proves to be the ultimate tool for landing, handling and weighing fish! This is particularly true when your catch has sharp teeth. Danny Smith provides a field test of this product and the ProGuide Lock'n Weigh manufactured by Rapala.


The Best Rod Carrier Available: Have you ever left strung up rods in your car along with your dog? I have and the result is not a pretty sight. Here is a solution that is worth every penny.


Cortland SYLK Flyline: If you fish cane or fiberglass rods there is a new line manufactured by Cortland that Larry Jurgens thinks a great option. When you combine this line with Monic Lite (floating monofilament) for butt sections you'll be very pleased with the result.

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