What's Going on Here?

Excerpt taken from an article By Lynn Burkhead
ESPNOutdoors.com associate editor - Jan. 20, 2004
DENISON, Texas - Don't skinny-dip in Texoma! That's the advice myself and several others received Saturday morning via e-mail from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
game warden Dale Moses. The reason for Moses' humorous warning about Lake Texoma? Try a 121-pound, 8-ounce blue catfish being pulled from the chilly waters of the 89,000-acre reservoir that straddles the Oklahoma-Texas border!

Texas angler Cody Mullennix accomplished that feat Friday, Jan. 16, when the 27-year old catfisherman beached a 60-inch blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) while he fished from the bank on the Texas side of the reservoir, located about an hour's drive north of
Dallas. Mullennix's 20-minute battle with the whiskered leviathan produced not only an apparent overall Texas state record for the species, but also a possible International Game Fish Association all-tackle world record.

With Lake Texoma already claiming the Texas rod-and-reel record, the Texas unrestricted standard, and the IGFA's 80-pound line-class benchmark, Mullennix needed little incentive to go fishing Friday. Not too long into the mild, damp day, the lone angler landed what would prove to be, at the time, a personal best 56-pound blue catfish.
The day went from good to historic when the next big blue inhaled the angler's offering of a three-inch dead shad on an 8/0 circle hook. What came up at line's end looked like it could swallow the 56-pounder.

Here's a question. Do catfish take flies? See the answer at right...