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June 2005

Bruce Mardick with his second tarpon of the day on the FRA's trip to Belize last month.

Hello all,

First off, I want to say congratulations to Doug Monnig of Littleton, who is the winner of the $700 Sage/Ross package on Customer Appreciation Day.

For all of you who expressed sadness and despair for not being able to attend our trip to Belize ... you should be more than sad. It was a good week to be there, resulting in a Grand Slam (tarpon, permit & bonefish all in one day) for me, which made it unforgettable. Click here for more photos of the trip, and stay tuned for news of the next one so you can join us!

DEAL OF THE MONTH: Get 16 flies for the price of 12 when you mention this offer (good until 6/20).

Hope to see you soon --

Fly of the Month: Brian's BHC (Beadhead Caddis): Here is another unique and brand new caddis pattern tied by our Fly Tying Manager, Brian Schmitt. This is a must have for your fly box.

2005 Pike Trip to the Big Red: What happens when 10 fishermen from Colorado head for the Sand Hill of Nebraska?


How to Get the Hook Out: It’s just a matter of time before you’re really hooked. Find out how to removal a barbed hook with the least amount of pain.

NZ Mud Snails: Charlie Meyers of the Denver Post wrote this piece in May and its worth reading if you missed it.

Stream Etiquette: Unfortunately some fishermen don't seem to have a clue about on-stream behavior. Here's some thoughts on the subject

The U-Turn Tactic: Sometimes presenting a fly differently can produce the desired result.

Trophy Trout: Brave the I70 corridor or consider looking for fishing opportunities closer to home.


Rio Clouser Coldwater Fly Line: Casting heavy or wind-resistant flies has always been a challenge, even for good casters. RIO collaborated with Bob Clouser to produce a new line which Larry Jurgens field tested.


What's Going on Here? Is this individual afraid or the sun or is something else afoot?

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