Small Streamers
There are times when small streamers tied on small wet fly hooks (size 12 to 16) can be extremely productive. They can be fished in a variety of ways including a dead drift or with varying degrees of action. I'll fish them with standard 4X or 5X tapered leader. If I need weight I put a tungsten bead on the leader, letting it slide freely down to the fly. Depending on circumstances I may rig a second fly tied to hook bend of the streamer. Sometime it is a duplicate of the lead fly and sometimes it's something entirely different. Don't be afraid to experiment.

These midget streamers are great options for many of the small brushy creeks along our Front Range. In some cases the best approach is to fish directly downstream allowing the current to work out the line as you swim the fly through various holding lies.

For such fishing I like a short rod handling a 4 wt. line that is soft enough to roll cast well.

You can cover a lot of water pretty quickly but take your time with some of the deeper runs. Use downstream mends to swim your fly into these areas. Add weight as needed and give your fly plenty of action.