Getting the Hook Out

Hooks seem to have a way of embedding themselves in various body parts. Before discussing how to get unstuck, make the ordeal easy on yourself and the fish - always crimp down the barbs. I have been hooked on various occasions in spots I don't even want to even think about. If I'm fishing with someone I don't know, I always ask about if the hooks are barbless.
The String Technique
1. Loop a foot-long piece of string or monofilament through the bend of the hook and wrap the ends around your index finger.
2. Push down the eye and shank of the hook to disengage the barb.
3. Line up the string so that it is perfectly in line with the hook shank.
4. Give a sharp tug on the string to pop the hook out through the entrance wound.

Note: do it quickly to lessen the pain

The Push and Snip Technique
1. If the barb is already protruding snip it off and back the hook out.
2. If the barb is not protruding wash the skin around the wound with antiseptic or soap; numb it with an ice cube. Grasp the shank with a pair of needle nose pliers and push the point through the skin.
3. Snip off or flatten the barb and back the hook out