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March 2006

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Hello all,

The Intro to Insects for the Fly Fisherman Class we advertised last month filled up quickly, and we realize that everyone who was interested didn't get a spot. We're working on a second date, so we'll keep you posted.

We've also got a date for our annual Elk Trout trip -- see below and book quickly if you want to join us. This always goes fast. We're also offering a new seminar this spring: a one-day "Colorado Bonefish Safari" offering you an opportunity to take advantage of some of our local warm water fishing.

If you haven't checked out our website lately, take a look at our "specials and sales" section -- we've got a number of closeouts, including a fantastic Simms fishing jacket for 50% off.


Hope to see you,

Up Boulder Creek: Humor from our own Jay Zimmerman

Basalt Fly Fishing Guide Wins Tournament: Kyle Holt from Taylor Creek Fly Shop and his partner Baker Bishop managed to catch 8 Sailfish in the Stu Apte Tournament in Costa Rica. It was awesome," Holt said of the experience. "(The sailfish) eat the fly within 20-30 feet of the boat so you can see them the whole time and see them jump and do flips. Sometimes they would take us out a third of a mile."
Elk Trout: This year's trip will be on 5/23/06. Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Colorado Bonefish Safari: You've read about it and may have listened to others talk about fly fishing for Carp. Now is your chance to find out if your up to the challenge of Colorado Bonefish - 20 miles from Boulder!

Cabo San Lucas: Bill Leuchten gives us the lowdown on fishing this destination in February.

The Convertible - a Scott Sanchez pattern: Scott Sanchez developed the convertible for fishing the One Fly Contest in Jackson Hole. Its done well in this event and you would do well to put some in your fly box.

Tabou Caddis Emerger - Two Materials: For those of you who may have missed the fly tying clinic put on by Steve Schweitzer here is your opportunity to see his unique and effective caddis pattern. If you fish the Arkansas, you need to tie some of these flies!

Bird Flu is Impacting Fly Tying: You may not have thought about it but Bird Flu is a major problem for fly tyers.


The Challenge of Nymph Fishing: Part of this article appeared in the Boulder Daily Camera under the title of Spanish-style Nymphing. We developed an introduction to nymph fishing for those anglers just getting started. As such, it transitions from a beginning and to an advanced "how to".

One Knot that Does it All: We've talked about it before, but its worth bringing up again. The Uni-knot or Duncan Loop is the only fishing knot that can handle every possible situation.

Origin of Bass Bugging: Did you ever wonder where bass bugs got their start? It was 100 years ago!

How Cold Can You Stand It! Talk about miserable - when you read this you'll want to take a hot shower.

Video Library Review: Here is some insight into several bass fishing videos by Mr. Softy, Larry Jurgens.

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