Review of the "Magic Tool Introduction Volume 1 CD"

Danny Smith

Since Front Range Anglers received its first package of the Magic Tool Standard kit and the Magic Tool Mangum Kit I was perplexed at how 8 plastic clips and six dowels would change my "fly tying life" forever. After several months of playing and trying to decipher the picture instructions of this Rubik's Cube of fly tying tools, I decided that watching this thirty-three minute DVD may help.

Marc Petijean (pronounced Petijohn) released this English version at the end of 2004. This video is an amazing help! Mr. Petijean has mastered fly tying, but his English has a heavy accent. His English is not too difficult to understand, but he does lack in his explanation somewhat. I would recommend anyone who uses the Magic Tool to rent and watch this video. The key with this video is to watch what he does very closely --very, very closely. I have improved my flies, and shortened my tying time on numerous patterns.

Overall, this video is very much to the point and very well organized to explain the basic uses of each of the tools, and dowels. Once a tier has the grasp of this tool, many new and exciting patterns will emerge! Good luck and good watching.