The Convertible - a Scott Sanchez pattern

This particular pattern was originally developed for the One Fly in Jackson Hole. It's very durable and can be fished wet or dry

Hook: Dai Riki 730 or comparable size 8 - 12
Thread: 8/0 rusty brown
Body: Superfine cinnamon caddis dubbing
Trude wing: Calf tail
Wings: Calf tail butts
Tail: Elk mane
Hackle: Grizzly and brown
Legs: Medium brown rubber


  1. Stack a small bunch of elk mane and tie in just above the point of the hook.
  2. Dub a body forward to about 1/3 rd back from the eye of the hook. 3. Prepare a small bunch of calf tail and tie in with the tips pointing toward the tail.
  3. Tie in a pair of round rubber legs, one on each side at the same place the wing is tied in.
  4. Tie in a grizzly and a brown hackle where the legs and hackle are tied in.
  5. Dub forward sparsely to just behind the eye.
  6. Wrap the hackles forward making a few wraps in the middle of the legs then the remaining wraps in front of the legs.
  7. Tie off and whip finish a head.