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May 2006

Hello all,

Well, you know it was a good saltwater trip when your group successfully lands the big three: tarpon, bonefish and permit. Last month's trip to Belize was eventful -- especially since the two guys pictured at left (Kyle Sargisson and Bruce Mardick) landed their first permits, and then proceeded to go on and land two more each. It doesn't get much better than that! If you'd like to get on our saltwater news list so you can think about joining us next year -- click here and drop us an email.

Our first Colorado Bonefish Safari last weekend was also so enjoyable that we're running another one this month while the warmwater fishing is peaking. Click here for more info.

The lucky of last month's quiz question is Jerry Crowder! This month's winner will take home a Fishpond Montana Dopp Kit. Here's the question: What is a polyanadromous rainbow trout?

Hope to see you,

Up Boulder Creek: Humor from our own Jay Zimmerman

Evening Bass/Carp Outing: Stow your gear in the car and leave work a bit early on a Wednesday afternoon.  We'll have everything ready to go at Pelican Shores (7 miles from Longmont).  Around 4:30 pm or so Largemouth Bass will start turning on to topwater patterns.  You can fish until dark which should be around 9:00 pm.  You might score one of the big boys.  Keep in mind that the best last year was 8 pounds.

Kenai River: It’s amazing and sad how much garbage piles up on the Kenai.

May Carp Safari: Every one has heard someone say: "you should have been there last week."  Well, in this case it is true.  The lucky fisherman that signed up for $99.00 caught plenty of fish.

Saltwater Adventures: Every year Front Range Anglers does at least one saltwater trip.  These custom adventures are, without a doubt, one of the best bargains you can find.   Here is a snapshot look at what happened this year.

Where Did Larry Catch this Fish?: Want a trophy fish?  We've got the place.

Fly Rod Selection: Paul Prentiss has a few thoughts on this subject.  Naturally,  its a biased view but that's the nature of evaluating rods.

Your Fly Through Fish Eyes: So, what does the fish really see?

X Marks the Knot: Let's makes some sense out of tippet ratings.

Knot Sense: If fumble fingers can tie the cinch knot, anyone can.

Clouser Minnow: Bob Clouser's fly simply does it all.  It is far and away the best baitfish pattern ever devised.  Even better, it's a snap to tie.


Carpin': This DVD features Dave Whitlock, Jerry Darkes, Michael Bennet and Jim Andrix in a lighthearted but comprehensive look at how to go after the fresh water bonefish.

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