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November 2004

Hello all:

If you have to work for a living and can't seem to find the time to fish, remember, fish do feed at night. Lately it seems that the FRA staff has done more fishing at night than it has by day. Glow in the dark strike indicators make the job even easier.

Fly tying classes are underway for all levels of expertise.
And don't miss Danny Smith's presentation on knots this Saturday at 10am. It will cover knot basics up to the advanced knots for saltwater leaders.

Fly Tying IS a blood sport!
If you ever drop a pair of scissors off your fly tying area, don't try to catch them. You may just force them into yourself! Mr. Spiegel is pictured here holding the pair of pants he was wearing when a pair of scissors entered what appeared to be his main pipe for transporting blood in his leg. The rapid accumulation and spurting of blood reminded me of an old "MASH" episode. So be careful out there...

Hope to see you at the shop,



CONTEST - Want to win a brand new C&F Fly box? Click here to enter!

Mark Your Calendars! Front Range Anglers and TU have joined forces to bring world renowned angler Jack Dennis back to Boulder at the beginning of the year. Jack will be offering two outstanding programs:
•• January 25, 2005: Fly Fishing Presentation - European Nymphing Techniques. Why do the Europeans beat us in the World Cup of Fly Fishing each year? Find out how at this in-depth clinic. [Time: 6:30pm, Place: Front Range Anglers] More details to follow later.
•• January 31, 2005 and February 1, 2005 - Evening classes with "hands on" instruction. Learn new patterns, techniques, and enjoy fishing stories that only Jack can tell. TWO NIGHTS 4 hours each night ----total 8+ hours of instruction.
Start time: 5 to 6 PM - to be finalized following enrollment
End time: 10 PM to 10:30 PM
Total tiers: Max. 20
Cost: $80 - Click Here to register and pay online.

• Our Saturday Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Clinic schedule has been posted on the website. All clinics are at the shop, and are free and open to the public. Come on by and bring a friend!

New You Can Use: The Colorado Wildlife Commission reviews fishing regulations once every five years. In 2005 the Commission will be reviewing regulations for the years 2006-2010. As in the past, a series of meetings open to the public have been planned. Nice but difficult or impossible for most of us concerned with catch and release to attend. Guess what? This time around they will offer an open-ended comment link on the DOW fishing Web page, where interested anglers will be able to submit comments via the Internet -

2 Killer Patterns: Here are two must have patterns for your fly box, the Improved Western Coachman and the Swimming Prince Nymph. Both consistently produced fish using a wide range of techniques. Better yet, they're easy to tie.

Fly of the Month: The Copper John has an incredible following for good reason - its a great general purpose nymph. If you doubt its popularity, look at the space it commands in any fly shop you care to visit.

Mormon Girl: A comment from a fellow angler about a streamer pattern I had not thought of in years revived memory of an old friend.

What is it About Red? There are lots of theories of why red is such an effective choice for fly patterns. One thing is absolutely certain, it can work wonders.

The Lagarita Club: In Southwestern Colorado there is a ranch that hasn't changed much since the turn of the century. The fishing is great and the scenery is spectacular


The Non-Slip Loop: Many patterns should be fished with an open loop. Here is one approach that is easy to use.

Why Target Pocket Water?: Because these rock gardens are full of fish. The real question is how do I fish it effectively?


Observations on Two New Flylines: Cortland and RIO have a couple of new products that are worth a close look.

Bee Creek Portable Clamp: Here is a device that the 'committed fly tier' even (someone who is already over-invested in materials and equipment) will want to have. The folks that were really taken with this product at the Retailers Show in September were the pro tiers.

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