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November 2005

Hello all,

Just when you thought you were never going to hear me talk about Belize again, here I go! We are offering 2 trip options in one this year: a 4 day trip and a 6 day trip both leaving April 28th, 2006. This location will satisfy your saltwater fly fishing cravings, as well as suiting your need for a good island getaway where you'll never need to wear shoes to go get a cold one in these friendly tropical towns . A great variety of game fish make this a choice location. My trip last spring to this destination resulted in success landing all of the big 3 gamefish: permit, tarpon and bonefish. E-mail me if you have any questions about this trip, and check out the article below for more info.

Hope to see you,

Up Boulder Creek: We are proud to present the first edition of the new comic strip "UP BOULDER CREEK" by one of the great thinkers of the fly fishing world, Jay Zimmerman.

Did Larry Catch This Fish? Part 2: The investigation is over and the results are available. In the end, things turned out better than expected for Larry but there is a shadow on his accomplishment.

Belize 2006: Join us on a saltwater trip to Caye Caulker and San Pedro Island, Belize this April. We've got two trip options, one of which should suit your schedule and budget.


Fly of the Month: It's midge time and Brian Schmidt's VC midge in size 24 & 26 is a great option. If you can see them, Brian also ties them in size 32.


Go To Flies: Here’s the feedback from the pros at Front Range Anglers when you ask: "Can you identify one, and only one, fly that you will consistently select when the nothing is working or you're not sure what to use."

Rod Decisions 101: Fast Action for the Beginner?: Contrary to popular belief, some beginning casters may benefit from a faster action rod.

Jon Spiegel's Adventure: Jon's recent adventure in Alaska taught him a thing or two about dressing for cold weather.

Look Before You Leap: Do you find yourself stepping on top of fish as you boldly venture into the stream?

Mike Lawson: Unmatching the Hatch: Mike's book,. "Spring Creeks" is a must-have classic. Here's a sample of what you can expect inside.


What's Going On Here?: You bought the ideal winter home with plenty of sunshine and great fishing. Even better, it comes with a fishing partner.

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