Portable Table Clamp

It seems like every time I turn around a new "must-have" fly tying material or hardware pops up. While at the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in September of this year I came across a portable table clamp from Bee Creek Ltd. out of Austin Texas. While they had a number of other creative products, this one was like a magnet.

It was interesting to note that quite a few of the professional tiers were circling the Bee Creek Booth like a school of sharks. The product accepts your vise and adjusts in a variety of positions. It fits tables up to 5 ½-inches thick (great for picnic tables when traveling) and a tool tray is included. I opted for the optional travel magnifier with its own built-in light. You ought to stop by the shop and take a look at this innovative product. For those who tie a lot of flies it is a great setup.