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October 2005

(Above): Eager students await the first Intro to Fly Fishing class at Front Range Anglers' new University of Fly Fishing. Instructor Jay Zimmerman got all dressed up for the occasion.

Hello all,

For those of you getting ready to hang up your rod for the season (not recommended), you can start switching the focus to educating yourself and improving your skills in all areas. We are excited by the initial success of the new FRA University of Fly Fishing -- all of our first 5 course offerings were filled, and student reports have been very favorable. We look forward to a busy mind-expanding winter of these evening courses.

We also had an early preview of our Saturday morning clinics, with a visit from Brad Befus on Oct. 8th. Our regular season will begin 10/29, with a lineup of the region's best tyers and fishermen.

Hope to see you,


Introduction to Rod Building Class: Front Range Anglers is getting ready to offer a series of new rod building classes. We have a new approach that we think you'll find very attractive.

Where are the fly shops?: Some concerns from the Editor and Publisher of Fly Fisherman Magazine, John Randolph.

Did Larry Catch this Fish? There is a serious investigation underway concerning a recent photograph. We are honor bound to uncover the truth!

The Best Saturday Morning Clinics in Colorado: Take a look at our upcoming line up of regional experts. We have folks you're not going to see at other locations. Even better, we offer a complete electronic archive of these clinics.

Big Fish, Little Boat: Will Dornan had a real life experience that reminded him of Hemingway’s classic, "The Old Man and the Sea".

Walker Ranch: Its 4,000 acres with 2.5 miles of South Boulder Creek and it's only 20 minutes from the City of Boulder.


Brad Befus's Wired Stone: This realistic, durable pattern represents small stonefly nymphs.

October Fly of the Month: Brian Schmidt has a developed a very simple pattern to imitate a BWO spinner or cripple.


October Fly Selection: Streamers are where it’s at this month.

Casting For Distance - Part 3. Forcing the Rod to Load: Here's a quick technique to prevent your wrist breaking, resulting in a loss of casting power.

The Sinking Clear Tip Fly Line: 2 inches per second is all the manufacturers can squeeze out of this type of fly line.


What's going on here? How to find out what kind of bugs are on the water.

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