The Davy Wooten Knot


xA few weeks ago I was watching a DVD given to me some time back on wet fly fishing, Wet Fly Ways with Davy Wotton. I’d seen it before and thought it would be fun to watch it again on a dreary fall day.  In my opinion, it’s a classic on how to fish and rig wet flies properly. 

Davy Wooton was born in Wales but currently resides in Flippin, Arkansas (interesting transition) and makes his living in the fly fishing industry – guiding, authoring articles, lecturing, etc.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in his knot.  According to Davy he developed it as a kid.  He had no idea what constituted a ‘proper knot’ and he needed something that would not break. What he ended up with is very simple, small profile, almost 100% knot.


If you find the visual difficult there is a pretty good video on the web -