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Casting and Presentation Strategies for Trout

The biggest problem most fishermen have revolves around casting, mending, and presentation.  It’s pretty simple, if you don’t get this right you are not going to catch too many fish.  As a group, we seem are able to spend a lot of time and money on the gear, the destination, flies, etc. but not a whole lot of energy on the foundation of the sport, casting.  I’ve never met Jason but I was most impressed with his approach.  As a mater of fact, I learned something new - always a treat.  I’d sure recommend you give a listen to his thoughtful presentation. -- Paul Prentiss

jason borgerJason Borger is a professional fly-fishing educator. He published his first fly-fishing article at age 13, and began working on fly-fishing videos when he was 16.
He later worked on the silver-screen adaptation of A River Runs Through It, serving as one of the film's fly-casting doubles.
He is the author of the book, Jason Borger's Nature of Fly Casting, and serves as the Education Director for the Fly Casting Institute ( Jason has contributed articles to magazines such as Fly Fish America, Fly Fisherman and Fly Rod & Reel, as well as numerous international publications. In addition to writing, Jason is also an illustrator and painter of fly-fishing subjects.
Jason is a member of the Board of Governors for the Federation of Fly Fishers' Fly Casting Instructor Certification Program.
For more information on Jason's artwork, writing, book and fly casting instruction visit his web site at
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Jason was the "Shadow Caster" in the movie A River Runs Through It and knows about presentation skills. Listen to Jason talk about how we perceive trout and how trout perceive us, the predator/prey relationship and how we should present our flies to the trout.
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