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September 2005

Hello all,

If I collected a dollar from everyone who was going to Alaska this past month I would have had my rent paid. Are any of you not going to Alaska? Huge Rainbows (like the one in the picture at left) that I have found difficult to dredge up in Boulder Creek, are certainly a good enough reason to go.

Another point was scored for the state of Colorado this week in that the world fly fishing championship to qualify for the world cup team will now be held in Colorado every year for the foreseeable future. This is a great draw for the state and for the local TU chapters who will be involved in the promotion of the event.

Hope to see you,


Trade Show Reflections: The annual Retailer Show in Denver interjects excitement and anticipation into each coming season.

CU Stream Cleanup: Make a difference on September 24, 2005 which is the date of the Colorado Trout Unlimited Stream Cleanup. Boulder Flycasters will be coordinating the efforts on Middle Boulder Creek.

Front Range Anglers Fly Fishing University: Front Range Anglers is introducing its most ambitious customer instruction programs ever.

The Great Debate: The Halford and Skues debate over dry fly vs. wet fly fishing started in the late 1890’s and it continues today.

Tailwater Monsters: Fish in the C&R section of the Taylor River below the dam are not just big they define the term ‘Monster Trout’

The 24: Serious fly fishermen dream about finding and ultimately fooling a large trout they can see.


DVD Reviews: Larry Jurgens’ has some thoughts on three new videos available through Front Range Anglers - rental or sale.

September Fly of the Month: 75 years ago a fly was introduced to the public by Ray Bergman in "Trout". It is recognized throughout the world as the quintessential dry fly.


The Double Haul Cast for Distance - Part 2: Here's a tip on how to rid yourself of that pesky tailing loop.

Overloading your rod: Is it a good idea?
Hiring a Guide: Some fly fishermen spend more time selecting an item at a fast food restaurant than they do deciding on a guide. More often than not they just let the outfitter decide for them.

September Fly Selection: This is a dynamite month for fishing terrestrials. JD Miller has a special series of flies for you to consider.

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