Fish Wrap

When I was a kid we killed and ate everything we caught. We used to fish one pond where the owner fed the trout every day with day old French bread. Those were the best trout I ever tasted. These days I will take trout once or twice a year. I take Brookies from high altitude rivers and lakes. Last year, I didn’t get to it. There are three reasons I take those fish:
1. Trout metabolize rapidly and will taste like their environment therefore low altitude fish taste bad.
2. Brook trout are the best tasting.
3. Brook trout are a prolific predator so most folks think they should be thinned.

I’ve eaten lots of different fish over the years and have come to the conclusion that there are much better fish to eat than trout. I can also guarantee where you can get the best fish in Boulder County. It’s cheaper and a guaranteed catch 365 days a year. This secret location is 2905 Pearl St.