Fishing Report: Taylor River, Booya!

Taylor Canyon Bow

Over the holiday weekend we stayed at a sweet hunting cabin in the old hills of Gunnison, lots of big game roaming the property, and lots of solitude. As long as I was in the area… I figured that I need to drive over Cottonwood pass so to get some time in on the Taylor. On Labor Day I decided to stay away from the tailwater stretch, even the lure of 10 lb fish could not sway me, the crowds were insane. In the pool downstream of the bridge I counted eight anglers, and none of them were catching a thing. Instead, I opted for the canyon section, where there were empty pull offs one after another. It’s as if there was a free gourmet buffet on fine silver but everyone decided that it’s a Dennys night and crammed into the sweaty restaurant.

Its a classic fly for a reason.

I fished for about three hours on the way out and caught two rainbows in the twenty inch range and a bunch of browns that kept me busy. This was down about four miles from the tailwater in a forgotten pull off with access to great pocket water. What was the key to success: a big hopper with a long dropper (prince, its a classic) on 4x. Forget the techy shit and go with what works!

A sweet storm along route 285 on the way back to Boulder.