Bear Creek

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Report by: Randy Hanner

n a gloomy day we headed to Lair o the Bear on Bear Creek to fish for the day. Run off has hit the area and flows are up as well as the water being off color. Visibility is about 1.5 to 2 feet with a brown stain.

We were able to catch quite a few fish in the morning in back eddies and intermediate water. Truthfully even the faster water held some fish occasionally. We utilized a dry dropper for the day mainly focusing on the nymphing but we did land a few on top as well. There was a very limited BWO and Beatis hatch, but nothing else coming off.
The two dries that worked the best for us were a chubby chernobyl(14) and a parachute adams(12-18). We used the chubby mainly as an indicator but managed to get a few fish to come up. The nymphs we had the most success on were aquitmies(14-16), frenchies(16-18), graphic caddis(16-18), mop flies(16), red zebra midges(14-18), and double down PT(12-16).
FRA Guide Adam Spoerl
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Wind Conditions: Calm
Precipitation: None
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Flow Level: CFS
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