Clear Creek

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Report by: FRAadam

With the cooler temps, Clear Creek has dropped and is picking up a bit. Still watch for rafters in the canyon, and tubers in the Golden Mile, as well as use caution while wading. Flows will likely rise again with storms, and warmer weather.

For dries, the old standbys of Stimulators, Chubby Chernobyl, and Hippie Stompers have been great, but with the current drop in flows we have also had success with Parachute Adams and Parachute Hares Ears. Be on the lookout for BWO hatches on cloudy cool days with reduced flows.

For nymphs, throw Girdle Bugs, Runt Stones, Jigged Stones, (if you’re missing fish, size down a bit), BTS Mayflies, Warrior Perdigons, San Juans and Squirmies

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Weather Experienced

Temperature: Upper 50s
Wind Conditions: Gusty
Precipitation: Rain
Water Observations

Water Temperature:
Flow Level: 651 CFS
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About Clear Creek Fly Fishing

When all the rivers and streams seem to be overloaded with anglers, Clear Creek always has an empty hole to fish. Clear Creek parallels I-70 from just east of Idaho Springs to Georgetown. Idaho Springs is 32 miles west of Denver. For access to the stream, take exit 240 at Idaho Springs. Turn left, then turn right on old Highway 6. The stream is open to fishing most of its length.

The water can be swift, so care should be taken while wading. a basic 4- or 5-weight outfit is fine, but bring plenty of split shot.