St. Vrain Creek

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Report by: Randy Hanner

We decided to go to St. Vrain in Lyons. We went here after lunch and had a little action in the afternoon, but flows were a little tricky to fish in most spots. We did get a few fish both on chubby dries and also soft hackle pts droppers. The flows are changing rapidly and daily. Be careful out there, and don’t take too many risks when wading. Most of the fish are going to be close to the banks usually. Our trip was fun yesterday, our clients caught fish and really enjoyed learning basics about our sport!

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Weather Experienced

Wind Conditions: Calm
Precipitation: None
Water Observations

Water Temperature:
Flow Level: CFS
Runoff? Clear

Fly Fishing the St. Vrain

The creek is full of opportunistic fish that are eager to take a dry fly, so take advantage of the great caddis, blue wing olive and terrestrial fishing. The midges that call the St. Vrain home are active all year and are always a safe bet come the colder months of the year. This is a great chance to get out and test some of those midge patterns that you have been drooling over all winter. The Fishing in the town of Lyons can be fantastic.