Report Summary

Fishing conditions in Bear Creek are still recovering from heavy rainfall and muddy water. Flows are at 90cf/s and while water visibility has improved in the last day, the water is still murky enough that the bottom of the creek can only be seen where it is shallow. While slow, nymphing with larger patterns and jig headed nymphs was productive in the deeper pools. Red squirmies, purple jig headed blow torch, and rainbow warrior were getting consistent bites fished 4-6 feet below the indicator. Larger, brighter colored nymphs seemed to be more effective given the poor visibility and high-water level. No surface flies produced any takes when fishing hopper dropper rigs with large and small chubby’s. It is best to focus on the banks and the slower, deeper sections of water given the conditions, being sure to get your flies deep enough to get to fish.

Recommended flies: Worms, Pat’s rubber leg, blowtorch, small woolly bugger, rainbow warrior, large red copper john.

Reported By: Randy HannerArray
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