Report Summary

The Big Thompson is really starting to produce some quality fishing. Here is a current report for those planning a trip in the next few days.

Antonio“The water is still around 100 cfs.  That level still perfect for “Euro Nymph” instruction and indicator nymphing. The structures, rifles and pools look very good and make us change very often the size and weight of the nymphs. The fishing started very slow but the constant change on the flies and drifts gave some good result. The  most productive technique is still nymphing but we had some fish on dries. Jigged prince  (sizes 12 and 14) and small Juju Midges and small olive “pellet” were the most productive as nymphs and BWO on dries.”

Wallace“In the spots where are there are fish it is doing very well, when the weather is good.  If you find fish, stick around.  You will find more.  Try nymphing with rubber legs, caddis pupa, hot head sow bugs, and R2’s.  Limited action on dries, but this should change soon.  If the flows hold, this is going to continue to fish better and better.” 


Antonio 1 5.10.16            Antonio 5.10.16


Reported By: Front Range AnglersArray
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