Report Summary

The weather was 70 and sunny in the morning until about 11:30 when storms were present for the rest of the day. The river was flowing at 125 cfs and the water was very clear. Earlier in the day, we were able to land a couple of fish on big-boned caddis dries (size 14) and get bites on rainbow warriors in dry dropper rigs. When the rain arrived we switched over to double nymph rigs with indicators and caught some fish on blowtorches (size 16), two-bit hookers (olive 18), and micro mays (olive 18). Many of the fish that we hooked on either rig was higher in the water column, so shorter dropper lengths (12-16 inches) worked best. The fish spook easily in the clear water, so move around often. Fish the banks and follow the bubble lines.

Reported By: Randy HannerArray
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