Report Summary

Flows averaging 120cfs for today. Fished from 9-12:30 on Big Thompson,1:30-4:30 on Cub Creek. Water clarity excellent, fish were spooky. The weather changed throughout the day from 70-85. Caught one fish on Big Thompson with 6 bites fishing a chubby Chernobyl (sz10) and copper john (sz14). Pocket water behind structures and small whirlpools produced fish. Cub creek caught 5 fish and 3 more bites. Caught fish on chubby Chernobyl (sz 10).  We only caught fish in the whirlpools, bites in the slow flat water but none to the net. Tried using stoneflies throughout the day with no luck (pats rubber legs and other adult stonefly patterns).

Reported By: Randy HannerArray
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