Report Summary

With the changing colors filling the horizon, we headed up to Estes Park to try our hand at the Big Thompson.  The water levels were low and a little stained which worked to our advantage since there was a good amount of sun.

When we arrived the wind was whipping and thunderstorms seemed to be ready to pounce on us even though they stayed away.  We started off with a nymph rig with a size 18 Hotwire Prince and a RS2 trailing.  We did no add any weight since the water was so low and the Prince had some weight built in.  Within the first two casts we were into fish.  We caught all of our fish on the Prince but did have a few strikes on the copper ribbed RS2.

For the most part the fish were eating smaller midges and other nymphs.  If you are not having any luck on the beaded prince try going to small flies, 20 and below.  Juju beatis, sow bugs, BWO emergers, copper johns(very small) and pheasant tails.

Don’t be afraid to try dry flies, especially terrestrials, since the fish are getting ready for the winter and want as much protein as possible. And don’t be afraid to throw out some flies that fish may have not seen for awhile.


Reported By: Front Range AnglersArray
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